Be a Pack Leader

What are Pack Leaders?

Pack Leaders are enthusiastic alumni, family members and friends of NC State who want to ignite that passion for our university in others.

There are three easy steps:

  1. Make your own gift to an area at NC State you’re excited about.
  2. Share on social media why you support the university on Day of Giving and why others should join you.
  3. Inspire others to give through your personal giving link on Day of Giving.


Complete the You+2 challenge and potentially win your unit $1,000 in bonus funds! First, give through your link, and second, receive two additional gifts (or more) from other donors through your link.

If you complete the challenge, you’ll also receive a couple of extra thank-yous from us:

  • An exclusive Day of Giving canvas bag, screen printed at our Crafts Center
  • Socks designed and produced at the Zeis Textiles Extension lab in the Wilson College of Textiles

Become a Pack Leader

Sign up to be a Pack Leader. After you submit the form, someone will contact you to provide more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I ask people to give through my link?

The most effective way to get people excited about giving is to lead by example. You can inspire others to make their gift by sharing your own NC State story and the reason why you decided to support your favorite area at the university.

After you sign up, our staff will provide you with social media prompts and other templates to make asking for a gift simple. This is a great place to start writing the messages you’ll share with your networks.

I don’t have social media. Can I still be a Pack Leader?

Yes! You can ask people to join you via text message, email and even phone calls. We provide message templates for you to personalize no matter how you choose to communicate.

How much work is it?

Being a Pack Leader is easy! Our staff has done the heavy lifting by creating a variety of templates for you to personalize. You can also choose how frequently you communicate about Day of Giving. We recommend posting or reaching out the day before and a couple of times on the day, but the final call is yours, based solely on your availability and preference.

On Day of Giving, if I have questions throughout the day, who do I contact?

Send any questions to