Q. What is NC State Day of Giving?

A day of giving is a fun, unique way for a university community to come together and maximize its collective impact through challenge matches and competitive spirit. NC State’s Day of Giving is a 24-hour fundraising event taking place March 27, 2019. But it’s not only a fundraising event. It’s also a way to show the world the strength of the Wolfpack. Together, we can do something extraordinary.

Q. Why should I give?

With state funding, we’re a great university. With private support, we can unleash our full potential and create new, extraordinary opportunities. When donors choose to support NC State, they’re supporting groundbreaking research, innovative teaching and learning experiences, scholarships for deserving students and programs that enrich our entire community.

On our Day of Giving, you can show our faculty, researchers and current and future students that NC State's alumni and friends are invested in them. Being part of the Wolfpack isn't just for four years; it's for life.

Q. What are the leaderboard challenges?

Chancellor Woodson has set aside $200,000 to help you get in the game on Day of Giving. This challenge money will be divided among three main leaderboards:

For the Red and White Divisions, there is $60,000 at stake per division: $30,000 for the most gifts received and $30,000 for the most dollars raised. Each college or unit competing within a division will win a percentage of that division's challenge money based on their percentage of the division's gift or dollar total. For example, if a college receives 18 percent of the total gifts to the White Division, they'll get a bonus of $5,400 (18 percent of $30,000) for their area of greatest need.

The funds and programs on the University Priorities leaderboard will be competing for their share of $25,000, based on the most gifts.

Q. Are there other challenges?

There sure are! The funds allocated by Chancellor Woodson are also designated for our universitywide and social media challenges.

Q. Is there a minimum gift amount?

For gifts processed through our Day of Giving platform, the minimum gift amount is $10. 

Q. I can’t make a big gift. Can my support really make a difference?

Yes! Your gift really does make a difference. For example, five gifts of $10 can help a student attend a conference. Twenty gifts of $50 could support a semester of undergraduate research. Ten gifts of $100 can fund a study-abroad scholarship. Combining your philanthropy with that of others creates limitless possibilities. And you have a chance to increase your impact through our challenge matches that award bonus dollars to your college or program of choice based on number of donors and gift totals.

Q. What else can I do to participate in the Day of Giving?

Thank you for your interest! You can share photos from our social media toolkit, tell others how and why you're #GivingPack and challenge your friends and classmates to do the same. 

Q. How do I make my gift?

Between midnight and 11:59 p.m. Eastern time on March 27, go to dayofgiving.ncsu.edu and choose the area of support that is most meaningful to you. You may also give to multiple areas. Your gift is tax-deductible and will help support the extraordinary students, faculty and staff working to make a difference at NC State.

Q. How do I set up a recurring/sustaining gift?

If you wish to make your Day of Giving gift a sustaining one, we will count the yearly amount toward the leaderboard totals. That means a sustaining gift of $10 per month becomes $120 for the leaderboards. Your sustaining gift counts as one gift and is not eligible for hourly changes, but it will carry the spirit of #GivingPack beyond Day of Giving. To make a sustaining gift, use this dedicated page.

Q. Is my Day of Giving gift tax-deductible?

Your gift is tax-deductible and will help support the extraordinary students, faculty and staff working to make a difference at NC State.

Q. Where does the challenge money go?

Challenge and prize money will be awarded to the winning unit’s area of greatest need fund.

Q. Do I have to give online?

Giving online allows you to participate in leaderboards and challenge matches. However, we welcome gifts by phone or mail as well. To make a gift by phone, call 919-515-7827. To give by mail, address your gift to:

Gifts and Records Management
NC State University
Campus Box 7474
Raleigh, NC 27695-7474

Q. Can I make a gift of stock?

Yes. When making a gift of securities to NC State, please notify us before you make the transfer, and indicate that it is in support of Day of Giving. This will help us ensure your gift counts toward Day of Giving and receives proper credit and acknowledgment. If you are interested in making a gift of securities, please contact us at dayofgiving@ncsu.edu or 919-515-7827 for further instructions.

Q. Is my gift secure?

Absolutely. On NC State’s Day of Giving, all gifts will be made through GiveGab, a nonprofit giving platform that allows donors to see their collective impact in real time. GiveGab is partnered with Stripe, a certified PCI Level 1 Service Provider (the most stringent level of certification possible), to process all gifts made through dayofgiving.ncsu.edu. Stripe's security documentation is available online.

Q. Will my employer match my gift?

You will find more information about submitting your Day of Giving gift to your employer’s matching gift program on the confirmation page once you complete your gift. You can also search for your employer’s program with our matching gifts search tool.

Q. Whom do I contact with additional questions?

Email any additional questions to dayofgiving@ncsu.edu or call 919-515-7827.

Q. I am a senior student at NC State and have made a gift. Where can I pick up my philanthropy cord for graduation?

You may pick up your philanthropy cord on March 27 at the Student Day of Giving event on Stafford Commons from 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. You may also pick up your cord any time after March 27 at the Park Alumni Center, 3rd floor.